Chapels in California

Planning a wedding? Want to do it in a church? Maybe I am starting a […]





What’s In A Name: Girl Scout Cookies Edition

In 1986 I was selling Girl Scout Cookies. I was selling the crud out of […]


Ten Things You Should Know About: Goyard

I do recall the first time I saw a Goyard bag. I was working an […]


Munchkinland. Stat.

I know it was inside some giant studio in Los Angeles probably, but that doesn’t […]

Bloody Mary Breakfast

On New Year’s Resolutions…

  I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions. Why set yourself up for failure? I […]


Count Your Blessings

In White Christmas, I always sort of gravitated to the song Count Your Blessings (Instead […]

Let's go to ALL of them

Adventures in Wine Tasting – Santa Ynez Wineries – Harvest 2013

It was that time of year again. It always surprises me how so many people […]

Oleg Cassini

Ten Things You Should Know About: Oleg Cassini (1913-2006)

I could swear I already did a “Ten Things” on Oleg Cassini, but apparently not! […]